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Maine History Maker Award

Maine Historical Society's Maine History Maker award honors contemporary citizens who are shaping life in Maine today. Eligible honorees include business leaders, artists, community members, cultural workers, doctors, journalists, educators, political figures, and others who make a difference.

The program recognizes traditions of innovation, leadership, and commitment to community that have defined life in Maine throughout its history, and the continuity between Maine's rich past, the dynamic present, and the robust future we all seek to nurture and build. Maine History Makers represent characteristics Mainers are known for and proud of—independence, creativity, and selflessness. These characteristics have been present throughout Maine history, and are found in diverse places and aspects of contemporary life: in outdoorsmen and women, downeast lobstermen and innovative boat builders; in political leaders nationally known for their independent thinking and common-sense approaches; in writers and artists; and in entrepreneurs who see and seize opportunities and build new businesses and industries. Sometimes history makers are well-known; often they have simply made an out-sized contribution to their community.

Maine History Makers are honored at an annual event that includes presentation of the award. Previous honorees are:

2013 - Mert Henry

Mert has been a tireless champion of the people of Maine throughout a long career of public service. He is also one of Maine Historical Society's longest-tenured members. Born in Hampden, Mert served in the Phillipines during World War II before attending Bowdoin College and going on to earn a law degree from George Washington University. Mert was a founder of the law firm Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry in 1961. Mert's wife Harriet was Maine's first female judge and a towering figure in her own right.

2014 and 2013 Maine History Makers

2014 and 2013 Maine History Makers

A long-time leader in the Maine Republican Party, Mert is well-known for his service to Senator Margaret Chase Smith and for mentoring and supporting numerous Maine politicians. Mert has served on the Boards of the Margaret Chase Smith Foundation, the Morton Kelly Charitable Trust, Bowdoin College, Maine Medical Center, and the Maine Community Foundation, Hospice of Maine, among others. He also helped found Piper Shores in Scarborough.

2014 - Vin Veroneau
Vin continues a long-tradition of leadership at J.B. Brown that dates back well over 180 years. As one of Maine's oldest and most-respected family-owned businesses, J.B. Brown & Sons continues to invest in Portland, to shape the face of the city, and to give back to the community. Current development projects are helping support Portland's booming tourism industry, creating new commercial and industrial spaces, and contributing to Maine's economic landscape in diverse and important ways. In all of its efforts, the company operates quietly, confidently, with humility, and a long-term view—values we share and believe are an essential part of the Maine character.

Vin was also the catalyst for a groundbreaking partnership between Portland Public Library and Maine Historical Society. Vin's generosity and leadership set in motion a project that is transforming both organizations: our development of a shared offsite Collections Management Facility. The project is a model of nonprofit collaboration, key to both organizations' futures, and sets the stage for the continued transformation of our campuses on Congress Street.

2015 Maine History Makers

2015 Maine History Makers

2015 - Dora, Janet, Paul, and Peter Mills
The Mills family has made contributions to Maine in law, business, social services, politics, and in many other ways. The Mills family has deep Maine roots; the 2015 Maine History Maker award recognizes four members of the current generation—Dora, Janet, Paul, and Peter—each of whom has been a leader in his/her respective professional community, and each of whom has dedicated much of their careers to public service and the people of Maine. Dora as a public health advocate; Janet as Maine's Attorney General; Paul as an attorney; and Peter as a state legislator.

2016 Maine HIstory Maker

2016 Maine History Maker

2016 - Mary Bonauto
Mary's leadership on a broad range of civil rights issues on behalf of the LGBT community over the past three decades continues Maine's long tradition of participation in national civil rights and social movements, dating back to and including abolition and women's suffrage. Mary is best known for successfully making the case to the U.S. Supreme Court in Obergefell vs. Hodges that marriage is a constitutionally-protected right enjoyed by all.

Mary came to Maine in 1987 when, as an openly gay and newly minted attorney, she accepted a position at a small Portland law firm. Ever since, she has been a fierce advocate for LGBTQ people in Maine and beyond. In 1990, Mary became Civil Rights Project Director at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) in Boston. That put her in a position to collaborate with partners across the country to develop and implement strategies to gradually dismantle the legal roadblocks that fostered discrimination and the denial of basic constitutional rights for LGBTQ people. The Obergefell decision in 2015 reflected the emergence of a community and a sea change in attitudes that was unimaginable only a few years ago.