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Maine Memory Network

Maine Memory Network is a statewide digital archive, museum, and educational resource that provides unprecedented access to thousands of historical items from over 270 museums, archives, historical societies, libraries, and other organizations from every corner of Maine.

Included in the database are:

Also on the Maine Memory Network you'll find over 180 online exhibits about Maine history and a timeline of selected events in Maine history from pre–1600 to the present.

Access to Maine Memory Network is free. Users can create an account, then use the online tools to save images to an album, annotate the images in the album, and share their album with friends, colleagues and students through email. Users can also explore online exhibits and send email postcards of historical documents and photographs.

Students and teachers are taking advantage of Maine's history being online. Teachers can save documents, access transcriptions of letters and journals, and access documents relating to Finding Katahdin, the University of Maine Press's Maine Studies textbook. Students can even make their own exhibits online.

The website was built and is maintained by the Maine Historical Society. Seed funding came from the State of Maine, through the New Centuries Community Program and initial development was done with help from Aurora & Quanta Productions of Maine. Continued funding has been possible with grants from the Technology Opportunities Program, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Department of Commerce; the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences; and Jane's Trust, among other funders.

Please visit Maine Memory Network and explore the vast collections held in Maine.

If you or your organization are interested in participating or sharing items on Maine Memory Network, visit the Share Your History page.

You might also be interested in exploring the MHS Museum collections database to see museum objects, photographs, autograph letters, some architectural drawings, and newspapers that are not all part of Maine Memory Network.