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A Past Exhibit

The Shape of Maine: Drawing Boundaries, Mapping History

June 19 — December 31, 2003

Image of the Exhibit

The Shape of Maine was an interpretive exhibit designed to explore the development of Maine's boundaries, how those boundaries reflected the nature of the State's political structure, and the many struggles over the location of Maine's border.

The exhibit demonstrated to visitors how people at different times have worked to define the State's vast, unsettled wilderness and create the political boundaries that defined Maine as a colonial province, a district of Massachusetts, and finally a State.

The exhibit drew heavily from the collections of Maine Historical Society and recent work to catalog our collection of maps of the Northeast boundary. Collections from other institutions were displayed as well, including objects from Osher Map Library, Maine State Museum, the National Archives, and others.

The exhibit was organized around a series of vignettes — clusters of objects that focus on a particular period in Maine history. In particular, the history of the Northeast boundary provided a case study and tied together the different sections of the exhibit.

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