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A Past Exhibit

Thundered Over the Tide:
200th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boxer & the Enterprise

Exhibit Dates: August 31 - October 25, 2013

Graphic for exhibit

This exhibit, taking its title from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem My Lost Youth showcased selected items from the collections of the Maine Historical Society related to the naval battle, as well as the joint funeral which followed. On September 5, 1813, the HMS Boxer and the USS Enterprise engaged in a naval battle off the coast of Monhegan during the War of 1812. Both Capt. William Burrows of the Enterprise and Capt. Samuel Blyth of the Boxer were struck down early in the fighting and neither survived this historic battle.

The selected items, including a James Osborne watercolor, Charles Kimball painting, commemorative medals and correspondence, illuminated the battle itself through imagery but also told the story of the lives lost as a result of this naval engagement. An interpretive map panel highlighted the funeral procession, with interesting facts about the preparations, all within the context of juxtaposing 1813 Portland with 2013 Portland.

Thundered Over the Tide was curated by Jamie Rice and was on view in the Shettleworth Lecture Hall.