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A Past Exhibit

My Island Home: Recollections of Verlie Colby Greenleaf of Westport Island

November 8, 2019 through September 5, 2020
Showcase Gallery at Maine Historical Society

Westport Island exhibit

Verlie Greenleaf (1891-1992) bore witness to over a century of Westport Island's history. From her earliest memories, there was no ferry or bridge—only boats to carry people on and off the island. There was no electricity on Westport Island until the 1940s, thus no radios, televisions, telephones or computers. Those changes came during Verlie's 100-year life. Verlie donated photographs, personal notes, and sat for an interview in 1987, all part of the Westport Island History Committee's collection today. Her words frame the exhibition, providing a first-person account of her life.

*Westport Island History Committee is an active partner in Maine Memory Network, a collaborative network of over 270 Contributing Partners administered by Maine Historical Society. My Island Home is the first in a series of Contributing Partner rotating exhibitions in Maine Historical Society's Showcase Gallery.

My Island Home