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Nan Cumming Returns to Her Roots as Maine Historical Society’s Director of Development

August 20, 2013

Last month, Nan Cumming returned to the Maine Historical Society after a 13-year absence. Having worked at MHS in a variety of capacities from 1989 to 1999, Nan is now taking on the role of Director of Development.

Nan’s “hiatus” from Maine Historical Society included a 12-year stint as the Executive Director of Portland Trails—a land trust and trail building organization in Portland. The organization grew and flourished under her leadership. For the past year and a half, Nan has been managing a capital campaign for the Maine Island Trail Association, promoting access to wild islands along the coast of Maine.

“My experiences at Portland Trails and Maine Island Trail Association were very meaningful and rewarding for me—and I’ll continue to volunteer for both organizations. But the prospect of returning to Maine Historical Society is incredibly exciting—the place has evolved and grown so much. This is a homecoming to be sure—but to a vastly different organization!”

Nan earned her Masters in American and New England Studies from the University of Southern Maine, where she wrote a masters thesis titled “Fin de Siècle Diana: The New Woman Discovers the Maine Woods,” a study of wealthy Victorian woman who traveled to Maine from cities across the East Coast to hunt, fish, and camp in the Maine wilderness. Based on this work, Nan wrote a chapter in “Of Place and Gender: Women in Maine History,” which was published by the UMaine Press. “It was a fascinating topic near to my heart. I think I’ll always have one foot in history and the other in the Maine outdoors!”

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