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Maine Historical Society Honors Veterans

October 18, 2013

PORTLAND, ME – Maine Historical Society will honor American Veterans by offering free admission the week of November 11. Veterans will be able to view the year-long exhibition This Rebellion: Maine and the Civil War at no charge.

More than 70,000 Mainers were soldiers or sailors during the Civil War. In addition, numerous women served as nurses at the front or at military hospitals. Many hundreds of other men and women gathered supplies for soldiers, raised money to support nurses and relief efforts. Few people in the state were untouched by the war.

This Rebellion: Maine and the Civil War explores the personal experiences of those men and women through letters they wrote, artifacts they collected, photographs, and official records, among other items saved and treasured long after the four-year conflict ended.

Visitors will be able to read letters from soldiers, family members, nurses, and others commenting on the war – and will be able to listen to some of the letters being read aloud. Civil War era music also will be available throughout the exhibit.

More than 9,000 Maine soldiers and soldiers died during the war. This Rebellion presents a Memorial to Maine Soldiers – a visual representation of the names of those who died while serving in Maine regiments. This moving tribute is similar to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, listing the names of more than 8,500 soldiers who died, and another 300 who were Missing in Action at war's end.

This Rebellion makes visible the enormity and complexity of the war for individuals, families, the state, and the nation.

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