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Maine Historical Society



Tuesday, April 4, 12pm
Robin Alden and Ted Ames, "Seafood is all Downstream: The Promise of River Restoration and Collaborative Action for Ocean Fisheries."

Robin Alden is the founding Director of Penobscot East Resource Center, a non-profit organization in Stonington, Maine whose mission is to secure a sustainable future for fisheries and fishing communities of Maine. Robin has been a champion of integrating fishermen's ecological knowledge into science and policy and served as Maine Commissioner of Marine Resources under Governor Angus King. She was recently named a White House Champion of Change for Sustainable Seafood. Robin was also recipient of the Gulf of Maine Visionary Award and the SOURCE Sustainability Innovator Award.

Ted Ames is a founding board member and senior advisor of Penobscot East Resource Center. He is an external Graduate Faculty Member at the University of Maine, Orono, and a research associate at Bowdoin College. A commercial fisherman for 28 years, Ted has authored numerous articles on historical fisheries ecology, fisherman's ecological knowledge, and related subjects. For his work on collecting and mapping the ecological knowledge of fishermen, he was awarded a prestigious MacArthur Award in 2005. Ted also holds an honorary PH.D., from UMM.