Rum, Riot, and Reform
Maine played a central role in the United States' gradual - and sometimes riotous - move towards drinking reform. This web site is a reproduction of the exhibition that documented these events and was on display at the Maine Historical Society during the Summer and Fall of 1998.

The exhibition covers a period from 1620 - 1934, highlighting the role that drink played in Maine's social, economic and political history, and profiling the events and leaders in Maine that catalyzed other States' and eventually the Nation's prohibition of alcohol.

Enter the Exhibit!

Read about the issues that framed the temperance debate and establish the framework for this exhibit. Also, browse profiles of four key time periods and view the artifacts that appeared in the original exhibit. Enjoy. Visit the Maine Historical Society's web site, learn more about the organization, become a member, and participate in the Genealogical forum.
Acknowledgements Meet our generous sponsors, and the people who crafted the live exhibit and the online version.